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Alice  Bryan  Cherry Basket Farm-02390.jpg

Alice + Bryan

Planning by Social Butterfly

Photography by Nicole Geri Photography

Having a wedding in one of Leelanau’s original farm venues is a chance to highlight the historic barn’s weathered wood and exposed beams, especially if weather keeps the celebration indoors. The barns wide-open space creates a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for a romantic celebration many personal details - all of which were added by this ultimate DIY bride. In fact, the bride went all out creating dried floral arrangements, table numbers featuring the couple’s pets, and a table of mix-and-match gifts. The couple swapped out more traditional dancing and music for a game night that allowed guests to connect over conversations (and a few competitive wins)—an authentic concept designed to perfectly captures a unique love story.


Guest Count: 50
The Vibe: Bold creativity
Unique Touch: Special label mead made from local Leelanau honey and cherries
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